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Rita Ora Showing Off Her Booty at the Summertime Ball

Singer Posing for Pics at the Capital FM Event. More of these pics of Rita at: http://www.celebrityadore.com/articles.php?news=Rita_Ora_Showing_Off_Her_Booty_at_the_Summertime_Ball&ID=701 

Jaime King Wet & Perky in a Swimsuit

Stunning Actress & Model on the Beach. More of these pics of Jaime at: http://www.celebrityadore.com/articles.php?news=Jaime_King_Wet_&_Perky_in_a_Swimsuit&ID=700

Kate Hudson Hot Booty Bikini in Spain

Stunning Actress Enjoying the Beach. More of these pics of Kate at: http://www.celebrityadore.com/articles.php?news=Kate_Hudson_Hot_Booty_Bikini_in_Spain&ID=699 

Taylor Swift Showing Off Her Amazing Legs in New York City

Singer Out for a Walk & Looking Stunning. More of these pics of Taylor at: http://www.celebrityadore.com/articles.php?news=Taylor_Swift_Showing_Off_Her_Amazing_Legs_in_New_York_City&ID=698

Jada Pinkett Smith Bikini Booty Pics in Hawaii

Actress Showing Off Her Body on the Beach. More of these pics of Jada at: http://www.celebrityadore.com/articles.php?news=Jada_Pinkett_Smith_Bikini_Booty_Pics_in_Hawaii&ID=697